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Aleenta Resort is a very small luxury boutique resort in Phuket.

Very nice, very pretty, very expensive.

So this afternoon we went for the wedding at Eunos.  It's the wedding of my childhood playmate (we used to bite each other last time, haha), who is actually my grandma's very close friend's grandson.  This grandson is also Mazreen's brother-in-law's nephew.

So Maj's whole family was there, siblings and all, and so were mine.  Cousins and all. 

Mazreen's mom then pulled my mom aside, to where no one else where, and asked, "macam mana kita pulak?  kita dah boleh start berbincang?" 



So they talked, and then preferences and opinions were shared, and they promised to come to our house soon to discuss further etc etc (or whatever), and then Mazreen went back with us (because we were going out someplace) and then we talked about it, and then after everything, we sent my parents home, and then I drove him back to his house, and then we sat in the car at the carpark and talked..

.. and then..

we decided on a date!!!!! 

You have no idea how excited I am right now. 


Granted, it's not the date that I originally wanted, but the date that we've chosen now, is quite significant too. 

Erm basically it didn't fit any of the criteria that I have set (all you people close to me will know the criteria, heh)  But it's ok.  Everyone's happy with it, so ok lah.  Alhamdulillah. 

So now, planning can start.  Maj is excited, so am I.  I AM REALLY EXCITED.  (grinning like mad, blood pumping mcm gila, etc, you know?)

Having a date set makes it feel so damn real!  And Maj is panicking (haha, finally)   Asked me when to go for the kursus.  I said sept or october this year can la.  He said omg, mcm takde time kan Da?  Mcm rushing kan??? 

Rushing ehhhh.  When I used to say that we should go end of this year, and he would tell me "Alah Daaa… too early la…"

Hah, sekarang baru tahu macam rushing. 

Oh wow.  This is so funky.  It suddenly feels really.. REAL.  Mcm, oh mak aku nak kawin!  We haven't even sat down and talked properly about housing.  Hahaha.  Or our honeymoon.  Hahahahahaha. 

Ya Allah.  My blood is suddenly pumping mcm dengan penuh semangat. 

Alhamdulillah.  I'm really happy now. 




Macam mana nak tido sekarang??

Simon Rex

is he cute or is he cute? 

He appeared as Eli on Felicity years ago, and I had a crush on him then.  And then 2 days ago, pinkisthenewblog had a pic of him up, and I fell in love all over again. 

Simon Rex. 

Islin said that the picture in the last post, of that couple making out, is not mcm paparazzi, but instead mcm some po/rn/ogra/phic vo/y/eur-ish thing. Hehehe. I thought it was a really cool picture though =D

Met up with her last night, and went to Changi Village for my nasi ayam penyet.

Islin says the funkiest things sometimes, like “I can’t believe I’m seeing you drive”. I didn’t really know how to respond to that, hahaha. Dinner was very fun, we had penyet of course, and ikan pari bakar, and talked and laughed and giggled. Had cheapo ice-cream from Cheers after that, and drove one round looking at a bapok. Hehehe. And then I drove her back, sat in the car at her carpark, and shared facts (in other words, gossiped, haha) – and had to end it abruptly because I so needed to pee.

I would have gone to her house to pee, but nak kena turun 4 tingkat sorang2, makes me a bit scared. Haha.

It was fun lah last night, should do again soooon!

And I’m sorry you had to cancel your date with your cousin because of me 😐

Maj starts his shift work today, so he’s on his way back home now, as I’m typing this – 8.30pm.

I’ve been so busy at work, til got no time to blog in the office nowadays. Ini pon curi masa (if this is the right term, haha) after e-filing my income tax. Supposed to go masjid tonight with my parents, but I’m so tired – all I want to do is sleep, and get more sleep. After this, I’m going to bathe, and then.. sleep. Haha.

Tetapi, walaupon busy mcm gila kat office, I still got time to take 2 hour lunch with my darling ex-dept people. Haha. Kak Su, Kak El/s/y and Sh/uwei. Had lunch at Banquet Raffles Hosp, and then went to Kino, and then to Bugis B1, where we bought food for tea-break.

I bought a slice of mango cake from Royals. (btw, this cake shop is halal. You know how it’s so hard to find a halal cake shop? Even bengawan solo adds alcohol – or was it pork – into some of their cakes. Royals can be found at Bugis Junction & Tampines Mall – Basement 1)

This friday I’m not working – for the first time in a looooong loooooooooong time, I’m not working on a public holiday! I’m so surprised, and shocked, that I actually went to my former dept, and told Kak Su (she’s the manager of that dept) that if she needs people, I volunteer to come back – although now I’m not in her dept anymore. Haha.

I don’t think she needs my help though, so since Mazreen isn’t working on that day, I guess can go out with him la. Or something. Saturday we have a wedding to go to, and it’s a family (both families!) affair so we might be there long.

Ok, shall end this entry now. Nak mandi, nak call Mazreen, and nak tido.

(my grandma so cute, scolded me for calling Mazreen by his name. Said that I should show my respect for him, so don’t call him Mazreen. call by nama manja or something, hehehehe.

I’m so bad with nama manja you know!! I don’t know of any nama manja other than Abang and Sayang.

Abang is totally out, because we always make fun of that. Sayang? Very not me to say it la.

Usually I call him “Mazreen” or “You” as in, “You. Nak kluar?” that kind of thing. That “You” thing also I kena teased by his friends… When we are out with his friends, they will go “You.. ada rokok?” at Mazreen. Nonsense kan. Hahah.

So now I’m thinking la what to call him. Any suggestions? What do YOU call your other half?)