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Last post on this computer, that is.  Tomorrow I’ll be blogging from my new place.




That is, if I can do it without people seeing.  At that seat, my back will be facing the world.. so I’m not sure who will creep up behind me and read what I’m blogging. 

After 3 years, I’m beginning to feel ATTACHED to my desk.  How weird. 

Oh gawd, what a sentimentel fool I am.


I have news about MY job.

Today’s my last day here..




..In this dept. hehe.

Finally, tomorrow I’m moving over to ops dept, although my new desk isn’t quite ready (they haven’t installed my PC there yet) — they are going to do it tmrw. I haven’t packed up my stuff at my place yet. The last time I cleared out my desk was about a month ago, I had brought home all the books & magazines under my table. But somehow I still some more under my table!! Is there a book supplier stocking their books under my table or what??!

And I have the necessaries in my drawer (like facial wash, contact lens solution, moisturizer, Evening Primrose Oil pills, needles & colourful threads from Watsons, etc etc etc) that needs to be moved to my new place. And a mug on my table. And pictures and interesting articles on my partition. And my radio and hp holder. And calender and document tray. And pen-holder. And tissuebox.

And I need to clear my internet explorer history, and the cache or whatever. And I need to.. erm.. wipe the surface of EVERYTHING with the Fabuloso in my bag. (No, not the whole big bottle lah, nak mamposs ke bawak tu pergi kerja. I poured a bit into a small bottle, hehe. Very semangat hor!)

OK aku suddenly very sedih to leave this department!! I dont want to leave my comfort zone!!!



I met up with Mazreen for lunch, at Liang Court (which is sungguh a ghost-town .. or ghost-bldg) Mcdonalds. Took cab there, and took cab back to work.

After eating, Mazreen sent me to the taxi-stand and opened the door to the cab for me. When I was seated already, he said “have a good afternoon, Madam” (in reference to what we were talking about during lunch) The taxi-driver looked at him, and then after he drove off, this dialogue took place:

Driver: Eh very good ah you. Malay girl with Chinese guy..

Me: Huh? No he’s malay..

D: Oh really ah?? He looks like chinese! Your husband ah? or bf?

Me: My fiance.. *giggles* yeah he looks like chinese guy ah..

D: How come like that ah?

Me: Erm. His grandparents chinese, I think.

That seemed to satisfy the driver, and he nodded his head. Then he continued:

D: He work as what?

Me: Technician.. now attached to novotel..

D: Oh no wonder.. work hotel that’s why he say like that..

Me: HUH? Say what?

D: The “good afternoon madam”!

And then he chuckled. Hehe, so cute la. Then he asked me to read a letter that his taxi company sent to him – he was complaining that he read wrongly.. he was supposed to check blood pressure, but he went to take Xray. Hahahaha. So kelakar ok when he said it.

During our lunch, Clea/n/s/eas (the company yesterday) called back. The lady said that it will still be a contract job, but after one year, they might change it to permanent – depends on Mazreen’s performance. AND, they will increase his pay by a hundred dollars.

Mazreen said he will call them back, he needs to think a while. So the lady said ok, call back by end of today.

He hung up, and asked me to tell him the pros and cons of a contract job. So I told him – basically no pros (haha) Cons will be no bonus, not that much benefits, and after one year you might not get the permanent status, which means you have to find a job all over again.

He sighed, smoked a bit, and then said, “Ida. I dah decide. I wont take it lah.” Pause. “If they dont give the hundred dollars also ok with me. I just want a permanent job tau.” Pause. “But Da, you jgn worry. Insya’Allah I’ll get a good permanent job soon ok – I dont intend to stay here long.”

Honestly, I wasn’t really worried, I told him our wedding can wait, because I have faith in us. And that I just want him to be happy working wherever. Salary and status don’t matter to me, as long as it’s duit halal.

Funkily, this job that he’s doing now, pays the most. The clea/n/s/eas job pays about $200 lesser, but Mazreen wanted it because he thinks he will learn more there than at the job he’s doing now.

And I like that – that he’s not working just for the money.

Last night we managed to catch Zoolander at TM. Hurried like mad after work, met Maj at Tg Pagar MRT – Maj very embarassingly managed to maneurve his way through the crowd, and got 2 seats for us in the crowded train, haha. So ahpek2 kejar seat sort of person eh. Reached TM, he went to buy tickets and drinks, I went to buy food from Mcdonalds and hid it inside my bag and ran upstairs, and we were about 5 minutes late for the movie.

In case there are people reading this who thinks that smuggling food into movie theatres is very bad, I agree with you. I don’t normally do that, but we just got back from work, and we get very hungry after work everyday 😀

Anyhoos.  Zoolander is sooo funny!!

Ok, not like Korean movie LOL funny, but if you listen to the (stupid) dialogue, it’s so kelakar. I went to google up some quotes and found some –

Derek: Do you understand that the world does not revolve around you… and your “do whatever it takes, ruin as many people’s lives”… so long as you can make a name for yourself as a journalist… no matter how many friends you lose… or people you leave dead and bloodied along the way… just so long as you can make a name foryourself as a journalist… no matter how many friends you lose… or people you leave dead and bloodied and dying along the way?

(I laughed like mad during this part! I love it when Ben Stiller does this in his movies – talk nonstop on full speed – he had something like this in DodgeBall too, and if I’m not wrong, in Starsky & Hutch too)


Derek: I was at the Day spa. D-A-I-Y-E.

Maury: Derek, what do you do when you fall off the horse? You get back on! That’s what this business is all about!

Derek: Sorry, Maury. But I’m not a gymnast.

Matilda: Derek, Derek?
Derek: What do you want?
Matilda: Actually I’m trying to talk to Mugatu but he’s tougher to get to than the president.
Derek: Oh, I thought you were gonna tell me what a bad “eugoogolizer” I am.
Matilda: A what?
Derek: A “eugoogolizer.” One who speaks at funerals. Or did you think that I would be too stupid to know what a “eugoogoly” was?

(Quotes taken from here and here)

The whole plot was quite nonsensical, but the dialogue quite funny lah.

After the movie, we went to the bookstore, I bought a Joy Fielding book, and then we walked to 147, I took a cab home and he went to kdkopi.

Today I might be meeting him for lunch. 

This is kindof good news. Or rather, it’s news that gives me hope, makes me feel good sort of news.

Mazreen went for a job interview on Saturday morning, at a company that looks good (I looked it up on the net). There were 5 other people there for the interview too, and Mazreen made convo with one of them – turns out he has certs that are very useful for the job, so Mazreen was quite disheartened already.

I told my parents last night, if they can, please pray for him that he gets that job, because it’s one of the best we ever came across so far. In fact, I even blogged abit this morning, asking whoever who read the post to help pray that Mazreen gets that job. But I took it down, because.. I dunno, I felt too desperate, and I didn’t like coming off that way, hehe.

Anyhoos. I guess my parents prayers paid off, because at 3ish just now, Mazreen called me to tell me that he got the job!!
BUT.. (good stuff always has some buts in it) the job is on contract basis. So Mazreen very semangat, told the woman that when he came for the interview, Mr. Wi (name changed to protect identity, hehehe) said it’s a permanent post, not a contract job. So the woman who called, said that she will check with Mr.Wi, and will call him back.

An hour passed, and no calls. So I told Mazreen to call them up. And he called, and someone said that the woman was on the line, and will call Mazreen back.

Macam suspicious kan. So I think that they changed their minds about hiring Mazreen, which is quite a pity.

But I’m not too sad about it. I believe in your rezeki being at the best place Allah swt has decided for you – so if Mazreen gets this, then great. If not, it’s ok too.

I blogged about it because I just wanted to highlight how prayers really help a lot.

In another story, Ab/g/A/im’s manager said that he likes Mazreen’s resume, and in fact asked their HR dept if they can hire another person. But HR said too many in that dept already, so they aren’t opening up anytime soon. VERY THE SEDIH OK, because I want Mazreen to get that job so badly, and Mazreen wants that job very badly too.

Salleh once went for that interview last year, but didn’t get it because apparently he wasn’t that firm. Mazreen is the very firm and asks a lot of questions kind of interviewee, so if he had went, he could have gotten it I think.

This job has soooo many perks, the transport allowance is $800, overtime pay is $500, and they will pay your hp bill. And, you don’t have to work when it rains, hehe. The downside is that the working hours is very irregular – basically you have to work when vsls come in. Sometimes you have to travel overseas for about 2 mths each trip.

But the pay is great – and if he had gotten that job, I would be so bersyukur I wdn’t know what to do because sujud syukur wdn’t feel enough. But of course now no need to think about all that – I/Paint didn’t call back, and Ab/g/A/im’s place isn’t looking for anyone.

Apa mau buat, jodoh tak kat kerja gitu agak ehh.

The period is making me suffer from diarrhoea la. I got washingmachine tummy since this morning 😦