Oh I had so much fun today. No arguments, nothing unpleasant happened, it was fun from beginning til end la. Haha.

Started at 10.15am. Supposed to meet at 9.30am, but he called to wake me up at 9.20am (meaning he woke up late, so therefore I woke up late too) so we met late, and therefore had no time to go all the way to the place with the pond (hahaha, I have images of us sitting gaily by the pond watching swans swim by)

Instead we had breakfast at Mcdonalds ECP, and then we went to Plaza Sing, bought tickets for Inside Man, and then walked around Spotlight. That was very fun la, everyone should go spotlight and shop there. We were actually looking for some cloth, but instead we started planning how our house is going to look like, haha.

He kept insisting that he can do most of the stuff sold there, and I was insisting I can jahit all the cushions and anything sew-able in the shop. Mcm betul hor.

Watched the movie – was good, but I think not as clever as Ocean's Elevan or Twelve (there's going to be Ocean's Thirteen!!! AKU TAK SABAR!!)

Then we went to Harbourfront, for the Coral Isle sale. Bought a top for my mom and a skirt for Liza, and then we went to Seah Imm to eat. And then we didn't know where to go, so we went to Mount Faber, of all places, hahaha. Sungguh typical dating like that.

So anyways, Mt Faber was really funky. It was about 6pm, so it was still light, so we parked the car, and brought the camera along.

We saw a couple making out!!


 Hehehehe.  Mcm paparazzi!! 

The guy was so macam nak naik on top of the girl, mcm nak kena hempap seh ppuan tu!

Hehehehe.  So gay ah take pictures of people making out.

Anyhoos, we started posing ourselves. 

Yeah, we got quite busy amusing ourselves with our camera – sekali it died after a few more pictures.  Tsk. 

Then we had dinner at Beach Road the hawker centre, and went back.  Watched Dia.  DWI DIED!!  I cried watching Papa Ivan cry.  😦

Hehehe.  Gayness.

I had so much fun today la!  Mcm nak rewind back time and do again and again and again, haha. 

Mazreen said this just now at my void-deck when we were walking up – "it's so easy for us to get along, that sometimes i dunno what kita argue about tau sampai nak break up and all."  

Hahahaha.  So true la. 

I love you Maj, deep deep 😀