tmrw, I and Maj both not working, so we going out on a date!  strangely im super excited, macam as if tak pernah pergi dating like that, haha. 

we using the car, he's fetching me, and we're going for breakfast at some ulu place next to a pond or something – so gay right! hahahah.  cheh, mcm betul cakap gay, tapi dalam hati suka ehhhh.  wahwhawhah.  and then we are going to watch Inside Man, and then we are going to Harbourfront because apparently Coral Isle having a sale now, and I kindof like their clothes sometimes – mcm Island Shop-ish.  And then, we have no other plans, but I'm so excited, and so is he. 


I just hope we won't argue and such… I think not lah, because lately we've been good to each other (other than yesterday when I really got so mad I was screaming at him macam orang hilang akal)  but today we are good, we had loads of fun even though it was just a simple lunch meetup.  And yesterday's argument was bad for like, 10 minutes – 10 LONG minutes, where he just kept quiet and malas to layan me, while I got more and more angrier at him, but that can be blamed on PMS – post-menstrual syndrome, haha) 

After the argument, I called and apologised, and he was with No/la/n at that time.  N/ol/an, the 50ish gay former-steward who now just hangs out at the kdkopi most of the time.  Nol/an asked Mazreen if it's his fiancee who called, and I was still on the line, so I heard the convo. 

"Your fiancee ah?"

"Ya."  (Mazreen still upset with me, therefore short curt answers even to N/ola/n – aper jer kan)

"She's a nice girl Mazreen.  You take good care of her"

Mazreen repeated what N/olan said, to me.  Then Nol/a/n continued, "tell her to invite me to her wedding tau.  Jgn lupa sama wa."

Oh, I forgot to mention he's per/ana/kan. 

So anyhoos, I apologised, and he apologised too, and last night we had a really long phone call about stupid things, and it was fun πŸ™‚

Just now during ngaji, I got the doa pelembut hati already.  My scanner is spoilt though – if not I can scan up. 

And I got scolded on the way sending Ustazah home.  She said that I got to jaga hati tunang – jgn asalboleh ajer pegang tangan lelaki lain, not even when the guy is Ari Wibowo.  Hehehehehe.  Said that orang lelaki lain, bila marah or cemburu, diaorang diam.  So even though Mazreen said he doesn't mind that I'm going ga-ga over an actor now, inside I don't know what he's actually feeling, so I have to respect him as my tunang etc. 

Hehehe.   So after I dropped Ustazah off, I went to the kdkopi to send Mazreen's keys, and then I asked him if it's true what Ustazah said.  He said no, because he really isn't jealous.  If it's a normal guy, he would be, but since it's an actor yang super cute, it's ok.  Jgn melampau sudah.  And not after marriage. 


Exception though – and he agreed to it – kalau BSB datang S'pore lagi, he has to excuse me. 


So tomorrow!   Can't wait!  To see!  My Mazreen!

Oh, dinner on Friday went well.  My grandmom and his mom and my mom certainly bond quite well, Alhamdulillah for that, and there's a lot of links btwn them.  This saturday, we are all meeting at the wedding – my childhood playmate (mcm Playboy kau!) 's wedding.  Should be fun. 

This friday good friday, so I'm only working 3 days this week!

Btw, Mazreen's working days is such that he works either 2 days in that week, or 5 days (each week starting Sunday)  That's so funky kan!! 

He so has so many opportunities to fetch me now from work.  Hahahah.

Ok, shall sleep now.  You all have a good week ahead!