tonight Maj is going to belanja my family, his parents, and my grandmom makan.  because he niat to do that when he gets a serious proper job.

last night we went to simpang bedok, had dinner there.  while eating, ada kucing kejar lipas lah!  quite near our table!

i put my legs on the table's stand (whatever that thing under the table is called) and clutched mazreen's upper arm, repeating over and over again "you, matikan benda tu!  matikan!!"

"you nak i matikan apa Da?  kucing ke lipas?"

Bloody hell.  Can find humour in such things ah?  Aku mcm nak pengsan kat situ ok.  2 things I am scared of most, kucing and lipas.  Boleh pengsan man. 

But the chase ended so cutely.  The lipas ran aroudn like mad right?  And then suddenly he stopped like, 2 chairs away from us, and then just stayed still. 

The cat also stayed still, head cocked to one side. 

Then a waiter walked past and stepped on the lipas accidentally. 

The cat picked it up and walked off. 

I was SO disgusted I tell u. 

And got some indian foreign worker arguing with someone over the phone.  He was shouting and screaming, but reallllllly fast.  A few minutes later, he hung up, looked ard sheepishly, and walked off.  I think he went to buy a new phone, becoz a few minutes later he came back and started again.

Tmrw Mazreen is going out with his friends, so I'm very free.  I'll be meeting Maria and Farah and Mazzy for lunch I think, and after that, meeting Islin to look at some artyfarty thing.  hehe. 

And sunday and monday, I'm going out with Maj.

Have a good weekend you all.