so last night we didn't go for the syarahan at masjid sultan, because mazreen needed to get some stuff for work. so i brought liza along and we drove to bugis junction, but cdn't find the things – instead we bought chocolates and some other food, and then went to zamzam, and had dinner there. maj's treat.

and today we are going to parkway to look for his work thing again.

i've been reallyreally tired lately. me and maj actually. so at night we talk for at most 15 minutes, and then cepat2 hang up to sleep. and then in the morning he will call to wake me up, and i'll be sooooo malas to wake up, every morning i just feel like taking MC or urgent leave. haha.

next monday, we going out! i have my physiotherapy in the morning (but i think im not going because i think its not that impt kan? altho a few people here said i should go, for my future's sake, haha. as in, when u're giving birth, u'll need ur back to be real healthy coz u need to be pushing and stuff.. kecoh sungguh.)

oh, he's not working next monday and tuesday – shift work starts on wednesday. nasib baik next saturday not working, because we have a wedding to go to, and our families are going too, so mcm quite fun i think. hehe.

i dont really have anythign much to blog. im just really.. tired. for the past 2 days, i've been imparting knowledge (hahahah. basically, teach) to one of the mgmt trainees – a 24 yr old guy, and he's really funny and a fast-learner, so it's quite easy la.

everything else has been wonderful. life, maj… not the waj though coz i've got to top up petrol and cash card soon. i get so paranoid when the petrol thing hits the 1/4 mark. in fact i get panicky when it hits 1/2. mazreen thinks its funny, but i dont think so. u see, when i was in pri 1, the car broke down in teh middle of the road, and my dad told me no petrol punya pasal, and i was late for school, and then i got scolded etc etc etc. it obviously has very bad emotional repercussions, haha.

oh gawwwwd. im so sleepy. one more day before the weekend. then saturday, then sunday im working a bit in the afternoon, and then monday no work! maj overload.

maj overload sounds so wrong eh.