I would like to inform everyone that I am now, famous.

My aunt called my mom this morning, said that she was watching RCTI, and out came my face, and Aisyah's too.


I am so embarassedddd!!!  Apparently I proclaimed my love for Ari on tv, said that I "sungguh minat sekali sama Ari!!" 

and more stuff like that.  about not wanting to wash my hands too.


But hey, I'm famous.  Kak Su is going to tell the Indon agents to look out for my face, and all my kampung people at Jambi might recognise me eh?  Hahaha.

Oh, and my mom and sister Liza is on front page of berita harian.  My mom looks really.. erm.. wild, stretching her hands out for Ari, while Liza looks somewhat demure, haha.

And Ustazah called my mom this morning, because yesterday we cancelled ngaji just to go for this thing, but we said we had "hal keluarga".  Mampos sungguh.  We are so going to kena lecture this weekend tau, hehe.

(Mazreen starts his ngaji class this Saturday morning!  With some Ustaz, I didn't catch the name.  I've some urge to just squeeze him now, I feel so proud of him for God knows what reason, hehehe)

So yeah.  We are famous.  Look out for my face on RCTI!  Hahahahahahahah 😀