Had a sortof great day today.  Very simple date – we went to marine parade's hawker centre to eat, and then to mustaffa. 

Bought Peterpan's VCD and CD – Mazreen is going to keep the VCD, and we are putting the CD in the car.  And he bought for my mom Mawi's CD, and bought for me "Season for Love", a korean movie dvd.  Then we bought for Hail, his nephew, a birthday present, some huge toy car with remote thing.

I think kan, after the honeymoon period after getting engaged, we are sortof seeing all the annoying things in each other.  Macam mana kalau dah kawin eh?  Hehehe.  Small tiny things that he does, makes me see him in a whole different light.  Sometimes in a very annoying light.  Hahaha. 

And he noticed that about me too. 

And then we wonder, are all these faults going to be magnified a thousandmillion times after we get married??

But we still have hope, hehehehe.  I love him despite it all, and he loves me too, despite it all.  Especially after the arguments and fights that we have.  Ego dua2 besar macam pantat dinosaur, so it's rather hard for either of us to back down and apologise. 

Usually it's him who apologises first.  Because he is so easy-going, he sees the funny thing in everything, and then he grovels in such a way that makes me smile reluctantly. 

I like.  I like all the weird things about him, the way he gets so excited about air-freshener, the way he gets angry at new drivers (not realising he has to put that triangle thing too, haha), and the way he is putting on a lot of weight now, especially on his chest and tummy.  Haha. 

Despite all the tests we have to go through, we still have faith (and love, and sense of humour) so that's really good enough for us.  It works, and I'm glad. 

I just feel blessed tonight šŸ™‚