Before I talk about my SGH visit, let me just share this with you all –

I was in the toilet just now, just got back from dinner with my parents and maj, and I had the worst urge to pee, but I had a bad feeling about something, and so I looked up, and there was a … (eee nak type word dia pon macam GELI!!)  roachie. 

My mom and I are so super scared of that thing that we can't even pronounce the name.  We usually call it Mr.Li, short form for the malay name, you know?  and when we see those SBS buses with all those baygone posters, we turn the other way, and brush off our hands etc. 

Can you imagine seeing it live?? 

I ran screaming into the hall, one hand waving around, another hand brushing imaginary things off my head, neck, hands, waist, legs, nose, head, neck, waist, legs, and head.  Repeat sequence. 

My dad sighed, "ni mesti ada ah. kat mana?"  i was still screaming away, so my dad just went to the kitchen, and did the necessary.

He came out later and said it's  one of the hugest he has ever seen.


Ok, now we shall move on to the SGH topic. 

The doctor was SO cute!  Macam lim kay tong like that, but cuter!  puppydog eyes!  super gentle voice. 

And he said I didn't have to go for the MRI.  Said it is acute back strain, since I said it's getting a bit better, and he said back strains usually take 4 to 8 weeks to heal properly. 

And then he said he won't give me medication, unless I need more painkillers (I don't).  But I have to go for physiotherapy sessions.  And visit him again in 6 weeks. 

So my physiotherapy session is on 10th April, at 10am. 

Hehehehehe.  I feel so orang tua like that, have to go for physiotherapy!!  I told Maj I think it's not necessary to go for physiotherapy, since my back does feel a bit better, and I can walk without pain for quite a long time now, but Maj discussed with my mom (?!) and they both told me to just try one session first. 

So yeah. 

Anyhoos, we had dinner just now at Kg Chai Chee at that geylang place, and then went to buy fruits at the lorong2 at geylang near kallang there, and while waiting for my parents, I called Ap/un/k.  Coz he called while we were in the car, and Maj didn't answer.  So I called him back just for the fun of it, plus A/pu/nk is a very nice guy and I quite like joking with him. 

And so we talked, and then he said it was actually Is yang call.  So after talking to Ap/un/k, I talked to Is. 

I hung up and Mazreen was grinning and asking why was I so cheeky today.  Hahahahahhaha.  CHEEKY!  No one has said I'm cheeky for the longest time!  Hahahaha. 

But he likes me being friendly to his friends, so it's ok.  Plus I like Ap/un/k, he's very nice and funny, in a quiet way. 

My dad got involved in a road-bully incident just now, which made him really mad, and he took down the plate no, make of car, etc, and said WE ARE GOING TO THE POLICE STATION RIGHT AFTER DINNER, MAKE POLICE REPORT!!  

But we didn't, because after dinner, my dad said that guy could have had a bad day at work, or a fight with his wife, or he just isn't man enough at home, so need to aksyen man on the roads.  Haha. 

Tmrw got wedding, one of Maj's soccer friends.  I know the groom's younger brother from wayback when I was much younger and thinner, but he's in prison right now so I doubt I'll see him tmrw.  Maj wants me to come with, but I'm not sure if I'm going – see how first, who else going.  Kalau all guys, then I'll just meet Maj after that la. 

I want to go watch V for vendetta or whatever.  Macam dah 4 tahun tak tengok movie ah.

I spoke too fast just now during dinner, while talking to my mom.   We were talking about Rima Melati and Rilla Melati, and then I wanted to say "Rima Melati dah kawin la" but instead I said, "Rima Melati dah mati la!" 

And then me and my mom burst into laughter, til I had tears streaming down my cheeks, and Maj was laughing too. 

I'm so my mother's daughter, because she does this a lot too.  Once, she was talking to my aunt from Jambi, Mak Uda… Mak Uda was supposed to order kambing for us, for Hari Raya Haji.  My mom went, "Mak Uda, Mak Uda dah order kuda?" 

Tongue-twisters or something lah all this. 

PSA was cool, but I didn't get many pictures, and all the pictures are stored in Maj's phone.  We didn't get to board any vessel though, because my manager said it's too troublesome to get and sign for 9 helmets and safety gears for the 9 people in the van.  He said he'll bring me to board vsl some day soon, hehe. 

I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I want to see some cute sailors, but I have a slightly paranoid fear of being hempap (sp?) by a container.