I was crossing the road coming back from PSA with Kak El/s/y and Sh/uw/ei, and we had to wait because of the lights and all. Guess who I saw straddling a bike waiting for the light to turn green?

Al/y la.

(Alyla sounds funny)

So anyways, I was talking to my colleagues, joking and laughing, when I felt like someone was looking at me. So I turned in that direction, and caught his eye. And he looked away. I looked away too, pretended I didn't see him.

It was a very agonizing wait for the lights to turn green, or red, or whatever. I just wanted to get away from there, haha.

That was a very weird moment 😐

Am going to PSA after lunch. Port tour, and possibly might naik one of our vessels. Is that cool or is that cool. Hehehe. HR and the manager of my dept arranged it for us, and they asked me to bring whoever I want, because I will be bored if I go alone kan. So I asked them along. So we are going later.

That was why I was at PSA this morning – to make a PSA pass for myself.

I'm so excited about this 'excursion' that I changed handphones with Mazreen, because my own phone's camera macam half-past-six. We can't bring cameras, bloody hell. For security reasons.

I jsut want to take pictures inside, macam model2 on all those containers. hehe, gayness.

Have sertu-ed the front balcony. And yesterday during lunch, I bought the exact same pair of shoes yang kena dogshit. Went with Kak su and Sh/uw/ei, and we had lunch at Sakura, Kak Su's treat. It was very fun, I never expected that Shu/we/i can be very fun to joke ard with. Hehe.

Have to go collect my xrays from shenton later during lunch. My mom is driving me there tmrw. I'm still not allowed to drive, because of the numbness of my feet.

Btw, the coolest thign happened on Tuesday night. Iwas reading ST, when my hp rang. Unfamiliar no, and so I answered.

It was Dr Ch/e/ng from Sh/en/ton Clinic! Hehe. Very the personalised service. That was at 8ish at night already! He said my xrays are in the clinic again (they were sent for reporting), so I can collect anytime I want. Asked me when is the SGH appt, and then told me to take care, and hung up.

I was so surprised to get a call from a doctor, that I ran to the kitchen to tell my parents, and then I called Mazreen. I'm gay like that, haha.

Syarahan last night was good. Ustaz Md Nor Shafi is so funny! Anyway, just in case anyone wants to go to the syarahans but do not know where Masjid Mydin is at.. jgn bersedih. Because they are moving the syarahans to Masjid Sultan starting 5th April, at the multi-purpose hall. Syarahans start after isya'. It's very good, so those who can come, should.

Mazreen is still a sweetheart. Maybe because I'm still in pain. Or maybe not. He's being such a great guy now, macam masa courting2 dulu (he say now no need to courting2 lagi, since dah tunang. What the hell kan!) Tonight we are going to Simpang Bedok because I'm craving for spaghetti from Spize.


He said last night, how come men don't get cravings? How come it's only females yang dapat cravings?

How to answer that question ah? 😕