I find it quite funny when people ask me "what's wrong with your back?" .. and then I say "oh, i think I hurt the spine or something."  …

.. and they wince, macam as if their spine also terasa the pain 😀

Went out with Mazreen and Salleh just now because I was sungguh craving for penyet, and we brought Liza my sister along.  Salleh and Mazreen were going on and on about how I must must must go tomorrow to the clinic, and insist that they really check what's wrong.  "Prevention is better than cure, Da."  Because I told them the pain kindof subsided already, although it's still painful and I still dare not bend over or slouch. 

But I forgot just now, and I bent over to open the car boot, and terus I felt the super sharp pain and had to hold on to Mazreen's arm.  Mazreen terus started panicking and went "I told you jangan bukak!  Salleh yang suruh I bukak!  You ni, degil ah!  Mana sakit?  Mana sakit??" 

I was like, terkejut for a moment.  Told him to calm down, it's ok.  I am ok.  Haha.  He nagged a bit more, and then I started nagging at him to make him stop nagging (get it? hehe)  and he didn't want me to nag, so he shut up.


This morning on the way to work, I discovered a lump of smelly (I assume it's dog) shit attached to my shoes.  How disgusting is that. 

I was stupid, so I took off my shoes and took a sniff, and immediately retched.  Ran to the toilet, squatted, and vomitted.  Damn disgusting la the smell. 

And I've got to throw my beloved shoes away, and I told my dad to bring home tanah liat because I want to sertu the whole front balcony, just in case. 

So I took halfday (pm) just now to do that, but instead I fell asleep once I reached home.  And I took halfday (am) tomorrow, but it's for the doctor's appt, so I guess I'll sertu at night. 

I can't wait for the time when I am able to jump and run and bend over and do many other stuff, without pain.  Such things, we always take for granted eh?  So kids, take my advice.  Now that you can run, RUN.  Now that you can jump, JUMP. 

Nanti dah tua kerepot tak boleh buat gini semua lagi. 

Hehehe 😀