So over the weekend, I cancelled all my meetups with friends – supposed to meet Farah and Maria on Friday, and Islin on Saturday night.  But I was thinking, what if I walk slow and they get pissed off or something, hahahaha.  So I cancelled everything.  I'm really sorry to you people, we will meet up soon ok?  Islin, how's the play???  Don't make it sound too good please 😀

For the moment, the doctor advised me not to drive, so I'm really taking advantage of that, haha.  Mazreen's being a real sweetheart, he's been driving me around, being so nice and patient to me, giving me encouragement, macam aku ni invalid, you know? 

So yesterday I had to work.  I was so tak semangat pasal berpikiran kena naik train, and being in pain kalau kena diri, and then having to walk twds my work bldg somemore.  Tak boleh tahan la.  So I was whining to Mazreen on Friday night, and he offered to drive me to work. 

Yesterday he waited, while I did my work in the office for about 2 hours.  Then he drove us to Queensway, because he needed to get soccer socks and stuff.  Then we went to his sister's house and hung out there, and watched Liverpool vs everton halfway, and then sent me home. 

He was so patient!  This, from a man who is sungguh the least patient person in the world, really amazes me lah.  Hehe.  When I go up/down the stairs real slow, he will go "its ok.  take ur time." and then talk about other things to take our minds off the fact that I'm walking like an old grandmother with athritis or something.  Buys the food without me asking him to.  Tells me to sit and wait while he runs to withdraw money.  That sort of thing. 

Very sweet.  I like! 😀

April 15, got wedding.  It's Abang Jamal's nephew.  Abg Jamal is Mazreen's brother-in-law, but his mother and my grandmother are very close friends.  And Abg Jamal and one of my uncles, Bak, grew up together I think.  And Abg Jamal's father taught my dad ngaji last time. 

Very the small world eh?

So anyway, his nephew ni … when I was a kid, my grandma used to bring me to his grandma's house a lot.  So I used to play with him alot.  And apparently we couldn't get along, so everytime we fought with each other, we would bite each other.  Hahaha.  I don't remember all this actually – the only memory of us playing together was us peering over the window at the balcony and laughing at the people downstairs.  Haha. 

Anyhoos, he's getting married, and I can't wait for the wedding!  It's going to be so cool because my whole extended family is going to be there, and Mazreen's whole extended family is going to be there too!  Macam reunion or something, hahah. 

Salleh and Mazreen's dad apparently very worried about my back condition.  They been urging Mazreen to bring me to a specialist and take care of me better, haha.  So much so that when I called Mazreen just now, he was at the kdkopi with Salleh eating rojak. 

So I said ah, that sounds so good.  Mazreen asked if I want.  I umm and ahhh and thought about it, then Mazreen said Salleh offers to send it to my house, if I really want.  Hahah, I thought that was really cute la.  I said I didn't want, because my mom cooked mee bandung.  But I want nasi ayam penyet tomorrow, and I asked Mazreen to send me there.  He said he will, if he's not too tired from work 🙂

And Tuesday, I'm taking leave from work, to go to the doctor!