It has been a painful 2 days.

Medication for my backpain dah habis, so I went to Raffles again yesterday. Actually even without medication masih sakit, but not that bad. He did more tests on my leg – and suspected I have prolapsed disc. Gave me a form that I’m supposed to pass to HR dept – get their approval to go for an MRI scan.

So this morning I passed it to my HR manager – but he told me company policy is such that we have to go get 2nd opinion from She/nt/on Clinics, because MRI scans are expensive.

So I went to Shenton clinic, in pain because my painkillers dah habis, and panadols aren’t helping. I had to wait for an hour to see the doctor, and it was really honestly a waste of my time. He was so ganas with me, I told him my back was in pain, and he roughly ran his hand through. Then he did more tests, and then sent me for an Xray. Had to wait another hour for that. Took 5 xrays, and then waited another 1/2 hour for the doctor.

He says its possible that it’s a prolapsed disc, but he wants to wait til Tuesday to see if medication helps. Gave me more painkillers – I told him I already have them at home, and he said stop those. take his. it’s stronger, will help more. wtf – and said if tmrw the pain gets worse, then come again.

Sigh. So this weekend I’ll be pain, although partially masked by painkllers.

I was kindof about to cry when he said he’ll just give me more painkillers and vitamin b, and wait til Tuesday. Because the thought of tahan-ing the pain is just so.. tak senonoh.

If I’m meaner, I’ll wish the pain onto him, so that he can rasa a bit.

At least if they had diagnose what is really wrong, they can prescribe something else other than painkillers. I betul tak boleh tahan, and dont know who to turn to.

Meanwhile I’m still working because my parents think its not nice to take MC too often.