Last night, we almost broke up. It started really small – he went to Changi Village with his friends and didn’t get anything for me, although I said I wanted Nasi Ayam Penyet really badly, and then the argument just went on and on and on, and so I asked, “hoi. you nak kawin kawan you ke aper??”

His answer – “Kalau boleh, ye..”

I was so mad by that answer, I tell you, that I told him fine, let’s just return our things to each other – I will go over and take it! Right now! No point we continue this act!

I was in my pajamas then, but I was still sane enough to change into some (equally grubby) clothes – although I was still in specs. It was 10ish PM then, and my family were all asleep.

So I drove over, went to his house, when usually I would be scared to walk the top floor myself, but last night suddenly macam brave, haha.

Called him when I was outside the house, he came out, he passed me his watch, I passed him my ring (sobs), and then I walked off.

But because I cannot just take things as they are, I went back up the 2 stairs, and asked him in a challenging way, “dah bilang mak bapak you?”

He gave me some scary stare, and said “you go and tell. you were the one who wanted to end this.”

“No, you were the one who wanted to marry your friend.”

“I ye-kan ajer whatever you say. You nak sakitkan hati you by saying such things kan?”

“No, that’s crap. You have a brain, you knew I was serious.”

And so it went on, and on, and on. I was there til 1135pm, and I was on the verge of crying, but I told myself not to cry, because I didn’t want to think I want to manipulate him or something, you know?

So we talked, and somehow both of us calmed down, and then he sent me downstairs to the car, and told me to call him when I reach home. Which I did. And it was ok, still raw from the argument, but ok nonetheless.

We almost lost each other because of stupidity. Sigh.

Btw, my ring is still with him, and his watch is with me. He said he’s going to propose again, to start anew. Haha. Gayness, but I like.

Sigh. Kekecohan yang unnecessary eh? It’s like, a mixture of ego, stupidity, and all sorts of stupid things like that.

Can you imagine me blogging about non-mazreen things, forever??

Just the thought of it makes me want to cry already now.

But, both of us claim equal blame for this. I said it was my fault, he said it was his – so we both to blame lah hor?

The aftermaths of a very bad argument – he’s being very loveydovey suddenly. Calling me everytime he has a break. Replying my smses. And we meeting tonight! Although only to Masjid Mydin for syarahan, and we’ll be seated at different dewans, but nvm, pergi dan balik bersama-sama!

Speaking of Masjid Mydin, the syarahan on Wednesday night is very good. By Ustaz… sorry, I forgot his name, but he’s very young, very lively, quite funny, and he reallyreallyreally goes indepth into each topic. If you’re going, tell me, we could meet or something! 🙂