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layana resort (the pool!)

Hilton Udaipur

I kindof just realised that no matter what job you do, even if it’s your dream job – as in, the job you’ve wanted to do since you were 3 years old or something – there is bound to be something that will upset you there. Fiq works as a counsellor to troubled teens, which is so my dream job, but even he is unsatisfied.

How like that?

I’m not saying that my job isn’t good. But it’s not what I expected. I dont want to get into details just in case anyone from work stumbles here.. but let’s just say if I had known it was going to be like this, I would have stayed at my old dept.

I told Mazreen and he asked me to ask if it’s possible – but I’m not going to, because it’s not nice.  Plus I doubt I can transfer back.

Maybe I just have trouble adapting.

No, maybe something is just wrong with me. I’m feeling all fickle-minded today and very un-me. I want hot water all the time when I can’t live without ice, I told Mazreen NOT to ask me out today because I want to go home and rest and spend time with family and all that.

Also partly because I won’t feel rejected if he doesn’t ask me out. Hehe.

We went to watch Date Movie last night. Wanted to watch Big Momma’s House 2, but there weren’t good timings at Century Sq. Mazreen bought pants for work at Samuel & Kevin, and then we went to the bazaar and bought burger ramlys and keropok lekor and hid them in my bag and then we went to watch the movie.

Date Movie is nonsensical, but I found some parts funny. Hehe. Like the last part where they quoted all the sweet lines in movies – and the guy went “I am only a girl, standing in front of a boy.. etc” and the girl look confused, haha. I didn’t really like the actor, I found him really annoying! All he does is scream. Tsk.

I made a mistake at work just now when I was binding stuff, and it turns out that I binded the wrong side and the whole thing was binded upside down. Hehe. I think mr.boss will ask later, but for now I can’t be bothered to think about it.

I actually miss life in my old dept. Sobs.

Mazreen got a job already btw. He started work yesterday, and he’s very happy there.

It’s shift work btw, and for now he’s working office hours (8 til 5) and after that it’ll be 12 hour shifts – 2 days work, 2 days off, 2 days work, 3 days off. So he’ll only be working for 15 days each month. And if he’s hardworking, he can opt to work on one of his 2 off days, or something like that.

Best of all, he gets uniform! Only those technician kind of shirts with many pockets la, hehe, so he has to buy his own pants, but it’s ok – I like those technician guys in uniform tau, they look so cute, esp when they have dirty hands. Hahahahaha. Sounds so weird, but I hope you know what I mean. 

Oh, and he wears boots!  So cute!  I like!  😀

Tapi, first day at work already he hurt his finger. Some heavy metal thing dropped on his middle finger, and it’s all swollen.

Shall end this now. I’m reallyreally sleepy, and I’m reallyreally tired, and it’s only 3.05pm now. Sigh.