I spent the last 2 hours looking through wedding websites, and now I’m so super confused lah. 

I’ve always thought that since I’ve already made up my mind which bridal co to use, all I have to do now is just make a booking with the company, and go choose what outfits I want to wear, and ya, habis cerita. 

Then I went online, just to looksee.  I googled the bridal co name that I want to use, and then… I saw some of their outfits.  Terus macam.. tawar hati like that.  If that’s the correct phrase to use. 

Decor-wise, I already made up my mind, and dah start on the proceedings already, haha, so no worries there.   

It’s just the baju2 yang susah sangat!  So far, the bridal co that I want to use, macam takde nice muslimah outfits.  Macam mana like this??? 

This is making me panic like mad ok.  My colleague who is getting married in Jan next year has already made bookings for everything, and I’m still looking around tau. 

It’s like, once you dah decide, and things are Alhamdulillah going quite well so far, you get really excited – aku tak sabar nak kawin!! – but when there are setbacks, you just feel like giving up and senang, get married at ROMM.  Habis cerita. 

Tapi tak nak.  I have this whole dream wedding in my mind, and I’m panicking because it’s not really going the way I want to (i’ll be honest here – lack of funds.  I had initially wanted to tailor my sanding baju.  Then I made some enquiries, and found out it costs about S$2000 for just the baju, and aku sungguh tak mampu nak spend that amount on just ONE baju to wear just ONCE.) 

I think I kindof woke up already.  I am now going to be very semangat, and find nice clothes, and curb my spendings, and save more money.  And then I’m going to buy all those ma/ja/lah pe/ngan/tin, and then I’m going to be very semangatly making enquiries here and there to looksee the bajus.

*performs NZ warrior dance* 

ha.  i cakap macam betul only.  Ini dipanggil semangat 2 minute.  Honestly, I just want someone to come and offer to read my mind and do my wedding the EXACT way I want it to be. 

The only person able to do that is Mazreen, because he has to listen to my plans over and over again.  But sadly, he’s lazier than I am.