I’m on 2 days MC – friday and saturday.  Kindof hurt myself when I went down the stairs at the MRT station on my way back from work on Thursday – acute back strain, whatever that is.  Went to Raffles clinic at tampines DBS centre, and I broke down in front of the doctor, hahahahaha, because the pain got really bad.  (In fact before that I was already crying in the toilet, it hurts to walk, sit, and stand!  Called Aisyah to accompany me then, because malu nak masuk clinic dengan muka baru habis nangis.)

The doctor asked if I felt a sharp pain through my leg, and if my toes felt numb.. I said no.  He said if got such stuff, means it’s slipped disc.  I had to lie down, he pushed my leg up and then I had to lean against the wall and he pressed my spine, etc etc etc…

And then I got a jab on my butt.  Hehehe. 

So yesterday I was walking around terkengkang like I had a cucumber up my.. asshole, or something.  I slept on my sides only, straight, and even though I felt sungguh-nak-terberak, I didn’t dare because I have constipation all the time, which means I will have to kindof strain at the toilet (is this too much info??!! hehehe)  and straining means I will only hurt my back more. 

Kecoh kan? 

Alhamdulillah today is better lah, it still hurts to sit, because I feel like there’s something poking into my bone or something like that.  Sigh.