My dad turned 49 yesterday.  He took halfday, I took leave from work, and my whole family (plus Maj) went to JB for dinner buffet at Hyatt JB

Before that, we went to Angsana (Suzie, I left a comment on your blog about the sulam2 thing, did you see it?)  and Maj bought me a black top, and he bought for himself a tshirt, and we did grocery shopping at the supermarket.  Then went to Hyatt for the dinner – which frankly speaking, wasn’t that good – but it wasn’t the hotel’s fault, nor was it our fault.  It was just wrong timing – the chef told my dad that we should come on Saturdays, because then there will be bbq stuff. 

A very funky thing happened in the toilet at the hotel. 

I was adjusting my tudung, and a Chinese lady was washing her hand.  She smiled, and then asked me –

Can I ask you a personal question?  Isn’t it hot when you wear the scarf?

I smiled, and said no.. used to it by now already..

Then she asked when did I start wearing it?  when must muslim women start wearing it?  (she thought after go Mekkah, then baru boleh pakai)  Then what are the requirements to go Mekkah, and what are the requirements to wear tudung?   Then she told me about her colleague who is in her 30s, and just started wearing. 

It was a very cute convo, and we just stood in the toilet talking, and then she said “well, I got to go now.. Really nice talking to you!”  and I said “yeah, nice sharing with you”  and then she went out of the toilet.  When we bumped into each other at the restaurant, she was very friendly and senyum2 and all.

Very racial harmony hor?  😀

Btw, I and Maj bought for my dad an adidas polo tshirt, because my dad likes polo tshirts. 

Ok, I blog and blog, and suddenly I’m sleepy. 

Work’s getting a bit tough.  I’m cramming in quite a lot of things into my head all at one time, so I’m getting a bit confused sometimes.  And then there’s the issue of boss not being happy that I took leave yesterday.


Very the stress sometimes.  The only way I unwind nowadays is when I meet Maj and just have fun with him talking crap.  He makes me laugh so much sometimes, and now we are all happy and loveydovey (haha) I’m really so thankful.  Hehe.

Been getting a lot of questions from people regarding my post about what ustazah said about weddings and such.  My ngaji lesson is on every sunday night, so if you’ve got questions that you want me to ask her, you can email me at