Alhamdulillah, Mazreen starting his job next Monday. Not at S/IA En/g/inee/r/ing, but a subsidiary or something like that – or rather, a joint venture btwn SIA and another airline. Who cares lah, as long as it’s in the aircraft industry (which Mazreen is very interested in).

It’s at Loyang, very near, so very good (his workplace very near my dad’s workplace! like, next door or something, haha) The only thing is it’s shift work – 2 days work, 2 days off. So our schedule is going to be very tonggang-terbalik sekarang.

But nvm, as long as the job is good.. hopefully, Insya’Allah, he’ll be happy there.

What happened to S/IA En/g/inee/r/ing?  I’m still keen on him getting that job, but we’ll only get the results in about 2 weeks (meaning next week)  Plus this job that he’s starting on Monday sounds great too. If and when SIA calls, I told Maj to do solat isti’hara. Heh.

So, he starts on Monday. I have a good feeling about this job, so Insya’Allah it’ll be good for him la hor?

Went to Suntec just now, to change the size of Mazreen’s Clarks sandals that my parents bought for him for his birthday. Turns out the new stock still haven’t arrive, so we’ve got to come back end of this month. Went to Changi Village after that, had Nasi Ayam Penyet and ikan pari bakar, and coke and teh and ice peach tea. He drove all the way. (I’m soooo lazy to drive nowadays. Haha. I think of it as letting him practise. Hahahaha.)

Today was very funky, communication-wise. First Salleh called my hp, asking something about my dad on Apunk’s behalf. Then Kak Lin, Mazreen’s eldest sister, called my hp, asking for my cousin’s hp number (her husband and my uncle satu kampung or something) Then Raim/i, my cousin, called me, asking Mazreen to call him.

Macam so complicated. Hehe. Makes me feel that everything is intertwined, and since I’m gay like that, I was very happy by simple gay things like this.