Everytime after my ngaji class, I feel like I’ve got so much info to share with anyone who’s interested to listen.  Haha.  Just now I drove ustazah home, and as per usual, she would ask about my wedding preparations, and then she would give advice. 

So today she started by asking whether I’ve chosen mak andam, and I said not really.  And then she said what should be the criteria when I am choosing – memang nak kena cari yang pandai buat make-up, but we also have to make sure that the mak andam do things the right way.. Basically, no cukur andam (??  the correct term is sungguh not in my mind right now) because it is haram – can cause fitnah when we are actually anak dara, but the results dont show as such. 

Check that the makeup used is halal – some expensive brands contains uri bayi (placenta or whatever?) so that is wrong already. 

Get a mak andam who will set aside time for prayer (have to admit this is quite hard for dzuhur prayers, because she apply makeup for 2 hours, then nak wash off to take wudhu?  Asar is ok because the wedding ceremony ends at about 5.. so quite ok lah right?) 

And then, how to get barakah (berkat?) for your marriage. 

– Nikah in masjid.  Some houses which dont have a lot of ibadah performed in it, not so ‘condusive’ or whatever the right word is.  Masjid is the best because it’s rumah Allah.

– Invite your guru agama (esp for grooms) to yr nikah ceremony – apparently got some doa that they will read that is good? 

– Wali kena orang yang pious.  Witnesses too. 

That is so far what I’ve learnt lah.  Sorry if you think I’m boasting abt religious knowledge or whatever – my niat is not that.  I ikhlas nak share because I think it’s important to share what I’ve learnt, so that you can adopt it for your own wedding ceremony etc.  Plus this is an aspect of weddings that sometimes people forget (I do.  Heehee.  Because I always remember the baju2, the color scheme, etc etc.  But religious aspects, a bit hard to concentrate on sometimes 😐

So yeah.  If you’ve got more info to share, comment, comment!

Oh, and she touched on the whole Nonoi issue, but we’ll talk about that tomorrow.  Very different POV, but very true nonetheless. 

Went for blood donation just now at Tampines West CC, with Maj and his cousin, Sha/hr/ir.  I think I was nearly turned away, because I had problems at every check point  – the doctor said my blood pressure is quite low, the other nurse said my iron level low also.  But they passed me through because I said I feel healthy, and I don’t think donating blood will affect me negatively, because doctors always say I got lowblood, but Alhamdulillah it’s never affected me. 

So, I could only donate a small bag because of the low iron and such.  Mazreen, who was beside me, donated a big bag (and was very ya-ya about it!)  Sha/hr/ir donated a big bag too, and he finished earlier because he started first.  So after the nurse was telling me to rest for a while after donating, she talked to me about the importance of eating the iron pills.  And then she added, “the side effects of this pill is constipation.  so after you eat one in the morning, you have to drink lots of water ok?”

Constipation tau.  Macam my natural constipation problem not enough – sekarang kena makan iron pills pulak, which can make it worse. 

Mazreen overheard the whole thing, and just now when we talking on the phone, he said he truly felt very kesian for me.  Sortof made him feel the need to take care of me more like that.  Hahahahah, so endearing la. 

But honestly seriously, I am truly confused.  Between me and Maj, I drink more water.  So much so that when we go out and eat at fast-food, he’ll upsize my drink, but he’ll take the small one.  And I can finish up my drink and then drink his.  So how come I’m still constipated kan?  Sampai pergi urut also the woman can feel my area there so keras, hehe. 

I told Maj this just now, and he said he thinks I have to exercise more.  Maybe lah hor?  I’ve talked to my colleague, Wen, the other day, and we agreed to sign up for yoga classes at Am/o/re – she’s going to enquire about the fees and such, but so far she hasn’t gotten back to me yet. 

Will yoga help though?  I think I’ve got IBS, haha. 

So anyways, after donating blood, I bought food at Mcdonalds, and then Maj and Sha/hr/ir came over to my house to eat with my sisters, and watch MTV, while my parents watched tv inside their room. 

Then they went home, and I and Aisyah and my mom read papers, and then I watched Gilmore Girls (I think Logan is cute in an ugly way) and then ngaji started, and then it ended, and then I sent Ustazah home, and then I went to meet Mazreen under his block, and we sat inside the car and talked.. about I blogged about yesterday. 

He assured me it’s not what I think it is.  That it’s really my paranoia, as I’ve thought it was, and he’s just doing whatever he did (and is doing) as preparation for our marriage.  (Gah, I can almost sense people thinking sexual stuff, hahahaha.  Just fyi, no.)   I think it’s good we had that talk – I like being honest with him, and I like him assuring me and making me feel safe, because that is really important to me. 

Yesterday we were inside his sister’s car under my block – and my favourite couple walked past.  I pointed them out to him, and said this couple is my motivation for working through any negativities in my r/s with him.  I don’t know them actually, but every mornign I see them talking morning walks, or returning from NTUC with bags in their hands.  Old bald tall thin man, short plump grey-haired lady.  Almost like Mazreen and me.  =)  And they would walk side by side, or the man in front, and they don’t really talk, but sometimes the husband would turn and look at the wife, and the wife nods her head and smiles – it sungguh warms my heart when I see that!

Mazreen didn’t know all this before yesterday, so when I saw them, and I pointed them out to him, he said, “eh they look like us!”  Haha 😀

Got to end this entry now.  I semangat blog tonight, because in the office, no privacy to blog, plus a lot of work.  It’s now 1.08am, and Mazreen is at the kdkopi with Wa/n/bla/c/k, watching Live/rp/ool vs Ar/se/nal.

Ar/se/nal is a really weird name.  Macam arse + anal.