“i think i was too needy, too willing to please, to eager to make a doormat out of myself. love does that to you sometimes. you mean the best, but it somehow comes out wrong.”

Got above from Islin’s blog (I hope you dont mind me copy-paste it here?) I like the quote lah, it’s very.. true. Like, whenever I argue with Mazreen, I sungguh feel that way.

Maj’s birthday plan went quite ok – until we had an argument in the car when he sent me home. Very complicated, but it’s all ok now, because I refused to leave the car before we are ok. Hehe. I met him earlier on in the morning at Raffles Hosp, he was there for a full-body check up, as per request by one of the companies he went for an interview for. If he doesn’t get SIA En/g/inee/r/ing, he’ll be taking this job – also in the aircraft industry.

My argument with Mazreen, I know the root cause of it. But I can’t be honest with him about it, because it’s affecting me so much. Does that make sense? Moments like this, I feel like I got to look for Shakirah – she helps me see sense when it comes to this sort of thing.

It’s sad that I feel this way! I’m annoyed for feeling this way! I feel like there’s going to be many more arguments coming up just because I feel this way! Gah.

What the hell.

I’ll blog more about his birthday when I’m feeling better. Heh.