Hey. Thanks manymany for the lovely supportive comments – it really helped a lot to know that it’s normal, haha. I’m happy to announce that.. things are ok again. Hehe. (cheh, macam nak announce kawin eh)

We had a fullblown argument after I blogged the last post, and after many shouts and screams, and I cried like mad, and then he said something stupid, and then I laughed, and then we started talking, and then now things are ok 🙂

My throat is hurting like MAD today.

Our debt at Simpang Bedok has been paid. Haha. Last night we met up, went to Ikea, and then we went for a carwash at Caltex Tampines, and then we went to S/bedok. Sampai, terus paid for the other day’s dinner. They actually kept the invoice thing, hehehe.

Oh funky news. There was a junior from TKG who I and whoever I hung out with last time, called Ultraman. She wore the fugliest specs ever made, and her bf wore the exact same specs. I didn’t like her last time for various reasons, and as far as I can see, a lot of people didn’t like her too because she’s really… annoying or something, even though she never bothered us, haha. It’s just the wrong aura you know?

So anyway, imagine my shock yesterday when she came up and said hi to Mazreen. Terperanjat beruk ok. Mazreen laughed like mad when I told him afterwards that my first thought when I turned, after hearing someone say (very manja-ly!!) “Hi Mazreen”, was “omg, it’s ultraman!”

Macam as if I come face-to-face with a cartoon character, you know?

So anyway, after she saw who Mazreen was with, she totally ignored me. Mazreen pon mengong sungguh never intro us – although he said it’s because he forgot her name. I never knew her name anyway, just knew her as Ultraman, haha.

So anyways, they got to know each other eons ago when everyone in the world was into IRC, and they chatted in motoworld or something like that – hmph, kental people. And they met up lin a group (kental, kental!!)

When we went back from s/bedok, Mazreen said let’s walk a very roundabout way, just to avoid walking past her, entah kenapa.

I always make fun of Mazreen’s chatting days, because it makes me look at him in a totally different light whenever we talk about IRC. Like, I didn’t know my fiance so kental sort of thing. Hehe.

Mazreen’s birthday is tomorrow. He doesn’t have this blog address so I shall blog about what I have planned for tomorrow.

My birthday presents – table set from Ikea (green table, purple chair – hehe), a sudoko book (just for the fun of it), a wallet from Wallet Shop which he likes a lot (but I haven’t bought yet).

The celebration – He told me we shall buy food from outside and eat at home with his parents, because his parents don’t really like eating outside. So I said ok, and then he said let’s call his siblings, and I said no. He said ok, although in a very disappointed tone.

When I asked later on if he thinks I’m selfish for not inviting his siblings, he hmmm, aaaah, ermmm. And said kindof.


He doesn’t know that I had already planned with his mom and siblings. 5pm tomorrow at his house, with presents if possible (because he told me he got kindof jealous when his siblings gave me presents for my birthday, haha) And please please please don’t tell him, I want it to be a surprise. It’ll be great if ALL his siblings come, but I doubt all will, but I hope his favourite siblings will be there, haha. I’m getting some food, I think his siblings are bringing some too, and I’m getting a cake. I’m not sure if he will like the kindof lame surprise, but I hope he will lah…

Penat tau plan.