I seem to be stealing time from here and there just to blog. Now, I’m waiting for Mazreen to finish his solat isya’ – that will give me about 10 minutes to blog. Yes it’s 12.07am, a bit late for isya’ but better late than never, haha. We just got back from Mustafa, and then dinner/supper at Simpang Bedok. Ordered Milo Godzilla, giggling like mad while we did it, because it feels so gay to buy that. And he had mee goreng, I had roti john chicken and cheese, and we bought coke and teh tarik on top of the godzilla.

Ice-cream eaten with Milo powder tastes good, btw.

Do you know that Mustafa has expanded again? Now there’s a 3rd and 4th floor – the 4th floor has magazines and books and a really huge stationary department! Sungguh best. I was looking for staples (sp?) for my big stapler, and while testing the size of the staples, somehow the box in my hand dropped, and made a huge-ass mess!

Very embarassing ok, so we cepat2 scooped up everything and dumped it inside the shelves. Hehehehehe.

Ok, I gtg now. Will blog again soon. Goodnight, much love.

ps – Mazreen’s birthday is on this saturday. I need ideas on how to spend it.. any ideas, please share with me?? Need to include his parents, and possibly mine too 🙂