I’m having a disagreement with Mazreen over job options.  Not that he knows, because I’m being all calm and civilised, but inwardly I’m seething. 

Due to that, I’m thinknig of taking halfday and go watch Gubra.  ALONE. 

I was thinking of taking halfday anyway, because monday is a busy day at ops, and I’m so free because I haven’t been taught enough to do things on my own.  So I was thinking of taking halfday – problem is, I don’t know what’s the procedure here.  And everyone looks so busy so I don’t know WHO to approach to sign my leave form.  Haha. 

Sigh.  My heart feels heavy (excuse the feeling drama hor) because of this whole Mazreen thing.  And it’s not even his fault, and I can’t complain to him or say anything AT ALL because.. well, it involves his dad.  And parents are a very sensitive topic to Maj, so seberapa berani I am w/ rgds to a lot of things with him, I still don’t dare discuss any parental issues with him.  Which in turns really affects me a lot.  Tsk.

Will blog more sometime soon.  I’m just responding to Islin’s call to blog more, haha. 

I need to find some courage to ask SOMEONE (anyone, damn it!) how to apply for leave in here.