Goodness.  One of my colleagues having a bad bout of morning sickness, she’s puking right behind me. 




Because of her, now I can’t wait to get married and get pregnant and all that.  Hehe. 

Sekarang tengah curi-curi masa to blog.  My colleagues who are supposed to teach me are all busy, so I’m supposed to memorise some stuff, but I’m blogging instead.  Hehe. 

Aisyah, my sister, kindof broke up with her bf, over parental issues – poor girl.  I wanted to console her last night but I was reallyreally sleepy, so I slept instead 😦

Last night I had an open-ish talk with Mazreen about our current work situation.  He’s being really nice and supportive of my job, despite him being jobless.  It makes my heart swell with love, hehe. Btw, he’s called for another interview on Monday. 

Oh, and my colleague apparently saw us on the train one time, and just now when I was at kak su’s place, she came over and told me – sungguh embarassed tau aku. 

I guess I gtg now ah.  Got to start work again.  Have a good weekend u all.  I”m watching Big Momma’s House 2 tonght with Maj.