Oh gawwwwd. I’ve never been this busy ever in my whole entire working life.  Or mentally tired.  I remember telling people that I hope when I move to ops, I will still get to blog (hehe!), and sadly my wish didn’t come true, because in the 2 days that I’ve been there, I’ve been so so sooo busy being taught things I never knew before.  I don’t even have time to read all the blogs that I usually read first thing in the morning, check my gmail inbox, which I usually do first (or 2nd) thing in the morning too.   

Now if you want me to build a kapal, I know how to, ok.  Haha. 

It’s interesting though – it’s very mathematical, which I like a lot, but there’s also room for a lot of errors, which I’m very afraid of.  They keep reminding me that it’s ok to ask a lot of questions, as long as I don’t make mistakes – because each mistake costs so much money.

So today I had this super intensive lesson on what goes on at sea, what goes on in a vsl, what goes on in the office while the vsl is coming to wherever, etc etc.  It started after lunch at 2pm, and went on and on til 5.30pm.  I was fresh til 4pm – after that I kindof zoned out.  Haha. 

Everyone in the new dept is very nice to me.  Very friendly.  I was kindof scared actually, because I don’t really know how to communicate with male colleagues – and in this dept I have to work closely with 3 male colleagues, all malay – but they turned out to be really friendly, which honestly surprised me!  Hehe =D

So, so far, so good.  Alhamdulillah. 

Mazreen has quit his job at Orchard.  He asked for permission to go for friday prayers, on every friday lah, and the MD said that it’s not allowed.  It’s a very small company, only 6 people, and Mazreen’s the first Muslim there.  The MD actually said, “it’s unfair to the other workers.  Might as well I hire christians or buddhists.”  to which Mazreen replied, “if that’s the case, since you can’t respect my religion, then I am willing to leave.”

So etc etc etc.. he tendered resignation (have to give only 24hrs notice since still on probation) and they let him leave this morning. 

We met up for lunch and went to fig&olive, and had beef bacon arrabiata, fish & chips and corned beef melted cheese on foccacia.  A bit heavy for 2 people, since they are quite generous with the servings, but we managed to finish all, heh.  After lunch, he sent back to work and he went home.

So now we are still looking for a job for him 😐

This is all for now.  I’m not sure when is the next time I’m blogging (*sobs*) – I actually MISS blogging ok.  That’s how pathetic I am, hehehehe. 

Btw, this is just to vent a bit.  I am irritated with one of mazreen’s friends.  He obviously has some issues with me or something – he came for my chalet like really late, after everyone went back (although mazreen’s friends were still there).. so since he was alone, I took food for him, and he didn’t eat it at all. 

And then today, I asked Maj to ask him how is his wife.. because she was hospitalised during my chalet.  He said she’s fine, and then when I asked Maj to ask him when’s the due date (she’s pregnant), he just ignored or something like that. 

Aku annoyed ok. 

I don’t like people being rude to me and Maj tau.  I find it really offensive, and I feel tempted to be rude to them back, but somehow the overwhelming need to be loved over-rides the need to be rude.. so I just shut up.  Hahah. 

2 weddings over the weekend – saturday, Maj’s friend nikah in the morning, sanding in the afternoon, so we going for the whole day or something.  Nasib baik Sha/m/il/ah also going, so at least I got friend.  (Remember bitch from hell I met during hari raya – who came visiting wearing clubbing clothes?  I think she’s going to be there – tsk.) 

And then on Sunday, ex-TKGian, Nad/ia/h Ism/ai/l’s wedding.  Getting married to angmoh from US, and she’s leaving for Texas on Thursday – migrating there.  Lucky gondol betul.  The wedding is 2 blocks away from Mazreen’s house. 

Btw, we saw a car hit a cat just now, and the cat died!  At Mazreen’s block!  My family were under his block, waiting for him because we were going for dinner, and then this car sped like mad, and then hit the cat.  And then 2 guys came and picked the cat and put it by the roadside.  The car driver didn’t even get out of his car ok!  Bloody hell. 

Ok shall go sleep now.  I miss blogging, I wish I can blog crap more, but I’m really sleepy and tired.  Plus tmrw I’m going work alone!! Oh sedih diri beta. 

Hahah.  No lah, I got my bsb cd, and I got my books to read in the train.  I will just miss seeing Mazreen so early in the morning (and during lunch, and after work -heheh)  That’s all.