I have news about MY job.

Today’s my last day here..




..In this dept. hehe.

Finally, tomorrow I’m moving over to ops dept, although my new desk isn’t quite ready (they haven’t installed my PC there yet) — they are going to do it tmrw. I haven’t packed up my stuff at my place yet. The last time I cleared out my desk was about a month ago, I had brought home all the books & magazines under my table. But somehow I still some more under my table!! Is there a book supplier stocking their books under my table or what??!

And I have the necessaries in my drawer (like facial wash, contact lens solution, moisturizer, Evening Primrose Oil pills, needles & colourful threads from Watsons, etc etc etc) that needs to be moved to my new place. And a mug on my table. And pictures and interesting articles on my partition. And my radio and hp holder. And calender and document tray. And pen-holder. And tissuebox.

And I need to clear my internet explorer history, and the cache or whatever. And I need to.. erm.. wipe the surface of EVERYTHING with the Fabuloso in my bag. (No, not the whole big bottle lah, nak mamposs ke bawak tu pergi kerja. I poured a bit into a small bottle, hehe. Very semangat hor!)

OK aku suddenly very sedih to leave this department!! I dont want to leave my comfort zone!!!