I met up with Mazreen for lunch, at Liang Court (which is sungguh a ghost-town .. or ghost-bldg) Mcdonalds. Took cab there, and took cab back to work.

After eating, Mazreen sent me to the taxi-stand and opened the door to the cab for me. When I was seated already, he said “have a good afternoon, Madam” (in reference to what we were talking about during lunch) The taxi-driver looked at him, and then after he drove off, this dialogue took place:

Driver: Eh very good ah you. Malay girl with Chinese guy..

Me: Huh? No he’s malay..

D: Oh really ah?? He looks like chinese! Your husband ah? or bf?

Me: My fiance.. *giggles* yeah he looks like chinese guy ah..

D: How come like that ah?

Me: Erm. His grandparents chinese, I think.

That seemed to satisfy the driver, and he nodded his head. Then he continued:

D: He work as what?

Me: Technician.. now attached to novotel..

D: Oh no wonder.. work hotel that’s why he say like that..

Me: HUH? Say what?

D: The “good afternoon madam”!

And then he chuckled. Hehe, so cute la. Then he asked me to read a letter that his taxi company sent to him – he was complaining that he read wrongly.. he was supposed to check blood pressure, but he went to take Xray. Hahahaha. So kelakar ok when he said it.

During our lunch, Clea/n/s/eas (the company yesterday) called back. The lady said that it will still be a contract job, but after one year, they might change it to permanent – depends on Mazreen’s performance. AND, they will increase his pay by a hundred dollars.

Mazreen said he will call them back, he needs to think a while. So the lady said ok, call back by end of today.

He hung up, and asked me to tell him the pros and cons of a contract job. So I told him – basically no pros (haha) Cons will be no bonus, not that much benefits, and after one year you might not get the permanent status, which means you have to find a job all over again.

He sighed, smoked a bit, and then said, “Ida. I dah decide. I wont take it lah.” Pause. “If they dont give the hundred dollars also ok with me. I just want a permanent job tau.” Pause. “But Da, you jgn worry. Insya’Allah I’ll get a good permanent job soon ok – I dont intend to stay here long.”

Honestly, I wasn’t really worried, I told him our wedding can wait, because I have faith in us. And that I just want him to be happy working wherever. Salary and status don’t matter to me, as long as it’s duit halal.

Funkily, this job that he’s doing now, pays the most. The clea/n/s/eas job pays about $200 lesser, but Mazreen wanted it because he thinks he will learn more there than at the job he’s doing now.

And I like that – that he’s not working just for the money.