This is kindof good news. Or rather, it’s news that gives me hope, makes me feel good sort of news.

Mazreen went for a job interview on Saturday morning, at a company that looks good (I looked it up on the net). There were 5 other people there for the interview too, and Mazreen made convo with one of them – turns out he has certs that are very useful for the job, so Mazreen was quite disheartened already.

I told my parents last night, if they can, please pray for him that he gets that job, because it’s one of the best we ever came across so far. In fact, I even blogged abit this morning, asking whoever who read the post to help pray that Mazreen gets that job. But I took it down, because.. I dunno, I felt too desperate, and I didn’t like coming off that way, hehe.

Anyhoos. I guess my parents prayers paid off, because at 3ish just now, Mazreen called me to tell me that he got the job!!
BUT.. (good stuff always has some buts in it) the job is on contract basis. So Mazreen very semangat, told the woman that when he came for the interview, Mr. Wi (name changed to protect identity, hehehe) said it’s a permanent post, not a contract job. So the woman who called, said that she will check with Mr.Wi, and will call him back.

An hour passed, and no calls. So I told Mazreen to call them up. And he called, and someone said that the woman was on the line, and will call Mazreen back.

Macam suspicious kan. So I think that they changed their minds about hiring Mazreen, which is quite a pity.

But I’m not too sad about it. I believe in your rezeki being at the best place Allah swt has decided for you – so if Mazreen gets this, then great. If not, it’s ok too.

I blogged about it because I just wanted to highlight how prayers really help a lot.

In another story, Ab/g/A/im’s manager said that he likes Mazreen’s resume, and in fact asked their HR dept if they can hire another person. But HR said too many in that dept already, so they aren’t opening up anytime soon. VERY THE SEDIH OK, because I want Mazreen to get that job so badly, and Mazreen wants that job very badly too.

Salleh once went for that interview last year, but didn’t get it because apparently he wasn’t that firm. Mazreen is the very firm and asks a lot of questions kind of interviewee, so if he had went, he could have gotten it I think.

This job has soooo many perks, the transport allowance is $800, overtime pay is $500, and they will pay your hp bill. And, you don’t have to work when it rains, hehe. The downside is that the working hours is very irregular – basically you have to work when vsls come in. Sometimes you have to travel overseas for about 2 mths each trip.

But the pay is great – and if he had gotten that job, I would be so bersyukur I wdn’t know what to do because sujud syukur wdn’t feel enough. But of course now no need to think about all that – I/Paint didn’t call back, and Ab/g/A/im’s place isn’t looking for anyone.

Apa mau buat, jodoh tak kat kerja gitu agak ehh.

The period is making me suffer from diarrhoea la. I got washingmachine tummy since this morning 😦