If I could vote for this American Idol thing, I would vote for Taylor Hicks. I am somehow sungguh smitten by him, and I so badly want him to win. Seeing him sing makes me almost tear up (in a good way la). I’ve liked him from the very beginning, and I hope he stays til the end ah.

I’ve booked tickets for Final Destination 3 tmrw, at Plaza Sing. We wanted to catch that and Zoolander, but Zoolander is playing at some late hour, so we will catch that on Monday instead. I wanted to book tickets, but Mazreen was busy and he said tmrw we can buy together.

Islin commented the other day that I am obsessed about getting good seats, or something like that. I’ve never really realised it until she mentioned it, but hehe, I just think that where you sit at in the theatre, has a huge impact on how good the movie is. I personally like last row, middle seats, because it makes me feel like I own the theatre (yeah it doesn’t really make sense, I know..)

But for tmrw’s movie, I took last row, next to aisle. Because I’m expecting Final Destination 3 to be scary – so when the superscary parts come, I can just pretend to go to the toilet or something. Mazreen really wants to watch the movie, but the thought of me genggam-ing his arm when I’m scared, turned him off, haha. So I’ve promised him that I won’t do it, therefore I need Plan B – sit next to aisle and go toilet 😀

And tmrw he’s showing me some funky place at town. Not sure what it is, but he was super excited when he told me about it the other day – said it can be our new hang-out place… Sejak bila kita pernah ada hang-out place pon aku tak tahu.

Had dinner with him last night at Banquet Eastpoint. And this morning we had breakfast at a kedai makan at Simei, next to the clinics. Both of us are so not morning people, makan breakfast sort – so we didn’t finish both mee rebus. And dua-dua macam feeling nak break after that. Hee.
Eversince he worked at town, I’ve been seeing ALOT of him ah.