I hate it when I have too many things to blog about, because then I’ll forget some important points.

Firstly, I’ll be moving to operations dept next week. It has been confirmed (finally!) that I’m moving next week – which means that tomorrow will be my last day in this dept… and honestly, this makes me kindof sad. Although I’ll still be in the same company, being in another dept means you are still a newcomer there, and you have to make your self known. I don’t know if you know what I mean.. but nvm la. I’ll only be about, 4metres away from my old desk. Haha.

Btw, vsls = vessels. Hehe. I work in a shipping firm, and my work has something to do with the containers on the vessels 🙂

Met up with Islin yesterday! It was so weird how we just totally fell into the old TK friendship we had – manymany laughs and giggles.. and stupid decision-making. Haha. We met at City Hall train platform at 1pm, and went to Orchard. Had to decide between Lido and Cineleisure – and Islin took such a long time to decide, and when we reached Somerset already, she said ok let’s go Lido. And we alighted there. And boarded the same train again, at the next door – because Lido means you have to stop at Orchard, not Somerset kan.

And then we reached Lido, and had to choose btwn Walk The Line and Constant Gardener. Since CG (penat lah type panjang2 title dia) had better seats (which turned out to be not good at all, haha), we chose that movie – 4.15pm show. Wanted to have lunch at Pizza Hut – so we walked to Wisma, and realised benda tu dah close down already. Totally forgot about all the other Pizza Huts at town (Mazreen told me there’s one at Scotts, and another at Centrepoint lah! We should have just called him and ask!) and made our way to Plaza Sing by train.

Took about 1.5 hours to eat – I had to hurry her at the last part because she was sipping her drink like she got all the time in the world. By then it was 4pm, so we went to the taxi stand.. and saw the longest queue on earth. And no cabs. So we got clever, and went to wait outside the istana.

Which turned out to be not that clever afterall, because no cabs would stop for us.

After waiting for a veryvery long time, finally one nice but fierce ahpek stopped for us. Told us to hurry in and he started lecturing / nagging why we can’t wait infront of Istana, and then he asked where do we want to go? And he drove very the semangat, using the phone on one hand, while driving with the other.

We were about 10 minutes late for the movie, but it’s quite ok lah, because I think we didn’t miss much.  Sempat tukar seats, because we were seated next a couple who was on the verge of making out. 

I have to say, the movie is good!! I thought it was going to be boring actually, hehe, but it was good! Rachel Weisz punya accent very the cool, and the whole show was just good lah. We were being amateur film critics after the movie while going down the escalator – but I can’t remember what good points we brought up about the movie, so yeah. Just go watch the movie lah, it’s good. But I think not as good as Mystic River. But definitely better than Brokeback Mountain.

Mazreen waited for us outside Lido, so we met up with him, and then we walked to Orchard MRT because Islin wanted to go home to chat with Rooben. It was so so so nice to go out with her lah, I had so much fun! Very unexpected, because I was kindof scared that it was going to be awkward maybe, but cheh I was worrying for nothing, because it was great 😀

After sending Islin, we went to FarEast, had dinner at Sakura, and then walked around looking for his shirts. There was this salesperson at one of the shops – malay, gay, and very flamboyant. Mazreen gets quite scared of gays, I dunno why, and he will ask me to talk to them instead. (other than No/l/an, his kedaikopi gay friend)

So yesterday I was lazy to talk to strangers, and he was like, “Ida, tolong ah! Do I call him Abang? or Kakak??”

Hahaha. I told him just say Excuse Me, can already. So he did that, and he/she (the gay salesperson) helped him and stuff – Mazreen looked so uncomfy throughout, haha! And then after he tried on the shirt, the salesperson came up to me and asked, “Kakaaaak. Macam mana bajuuu Abanggg? Ok taak?”

I said no, the collar is too wide.

“Ohhh takperrr. Bajuuu baru yang kattt depan tu, collarr dia tak lebar! You pergi tengokkkk..”

And then he skipped off. Yes, skipped.

I was amused by his flamboyance, and the way he speaks. Hehe. Mazreen came out from the dressing room, and he wanted to look at other shops first, so we went walking around somemore. All around FarEast, and then to Wisma, and then to Taka. In the end, he bought a shirt from Dockers, and then we bought a drink, and then he sent me home. 10ish pm. Very penat semalam.

I got 2 maja/l/ah peng/a/ntin from my colleague just now! She said she’ll bring more tmrw =) Tuesday was a very kahwin-kahwin day I tell you. I was talking to so many people about kahwin-kahwin things, and it wasn’t even started by me! Haha.

I bought “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey just now after lunch.

I had lunch at KFC FarEast with Mazreen today. I had planned to go Orchard Library after that, but I was very full after eating, and the thought of walking there was very devastating to my tired soul and legs (heh) So I took train back, and at IP, I thought, “I NEED a book”

So I went to the bookshop there, and wanted to get Joy Fielding, but I saw the Million Little Pieces book, read a bit and was kindof hooked – didn’t want to put it down sort of hooked – so I bought it.

And I felt very bad after that, because I should be keeping to a veryveryvery tight budget. (and I have a shopping cart waiting to be paid at Amazon.com)

But, I reasoned it out to myself – tmrw I’m getting my pay. So tmrw I’ll start budgeting like mad. Insya’Allah =)

I guess Amazon.com has to wait til sometime in the future.

Ok da, this is all.