My title doesn’t really make sense, does it? 

Today aku macam tak mandi ok. I woke up late this morning – I was supposed to meet Mazreen at 7.30am at the train station, and my mom had woken me up at 6.40am for prayers, but I was sooo sleepy I slept through her screams. She left the house at 6.45am to send Liza to school. Mazreen was supposed to call me at 7am to wake me up, but somehow he didn’t.

Instead, he called at 7.10am, said he’s about to go out of his house!

I haven’t bathed! I was still in bed! Very bad ok. I told him to wait abit, promised him I can make it. He said if 7.30am I’m not at Simei MRT, he’ll leave first, he can’t afford to be late.

So I jumped out of bed, looked at my hp time – 7.11am.

Bathed. Looked at hp time – 7.16am (!!)

Pakai baju. 7.19am.

Ironed tudung, and wore it – 7.23am.

Hang towel, put on shoes, locked the door – 7.26am.

I made it in fifteen minutes! Am I amazing or what??!!

He said that I look like I didn’t bathe. Heheh.

But when he alighted at City Hall, he said he was joking, so I guess I do look ok la, haha. We did sudoku in the train on our own Today papers, he managed to complete the whole thing between Kembangan and CityHall mrt – I was impressed! I copied a few answers off him, and I still haven’t completed it yet, hehe.

Reached CityHall, he thanked me for going to work with him, and said the necessities, and we parted. Sobs.

He looks so cute today with his black pants and brown shirt.

oh sad news.

He lost the yellow notebook.

This yellow notebook, he wrote sweet stuff inside it, and passed it to me before he went on his first NS trip – to India. Yesterday I passed it back to him in case he needs to write notes or whatever, anything regarding his job la. Sekali he lost it!


I’m taking halfday and going out with Islin later! We are going to watch either Walk The Line or The Constant Gardener.I’m hoping for Walk The Line, because The Constant Gardener sounds like a movie with full of shocks, know what I mean? Like, nanti ada terkejut-terkejut sort of scenes (something to do with Nairobi and Kenya?  Mesti ada bombs and all).. tak kan nak suruh Islin hug me or something.  Nanti Rooben jealous.  Hehehe.

So yeah, I’m meeting her at CityHall later at 1pm! So exciting!

Btw, Aisyah told me that the movie Pink Panther, has nothing to do with the cartoon character? It’s actually about a pink diamond ring or something? That’s so nonsense kan? Not that I’m going to watch the movie la.. I don’t really like movies with Steve Martin (or whatever his name is) His kindof comedy very annoying.

Eh. I like Ashlee Simpson’s “L.O.V.E”! I love the tune, I love the chorus! (one of my ahlien colleagues singing it now – song’s playing on the radio – and she’s totally spoiling the song!!)

So I guess I won’t be going back with Mazreen later. He said no need to wait for him, just go spend time with Islin. He’s nice that way 🙂

Or maybe he just wants some peace on the way home.  Hahah.

He’ll be at Hyatt today – the hotel BSB was staying at!!! Lambat setapak la.