So today we went to work together. He called me in the morning to wake me up, and then we met at 7.30am at the train station. I usually wake up at 7.40am ok, so this morning I felt very semangat. And because I went out so early, I didn’t get to salam my mom. Tsk. It didn’t feel good, u know what I mean?

And now he’s at Novotel CQ. Very silent this morning, no calls at all… til about 12pm, he took a break and called me. Told me about this job and all, said it’s ok, but very tiring and many things to learn. And then we hung up, and he called again at about 1.15pm and said we’ll meet after work. Talked for about 5 minutes (I think he was smoking at the same time)

It feels so weird knowing that he’s out working. I feel so kakak2 kerja suddenly, haha.

Last night he fetched me from work. He was early, so he waited for me at the kdkopi downstairs. Then we went to TM coz he needed to get cheap workpants, hehehe. Went to Bossini, Giordano, U2, Metro.

While we were at Metro, a stupid thing happened. We had dinner at Mcdonalds before we started walking around, you see, because I was super hungry. And somehow after that I became a heavy farter. (macam heavy smoker, tapi in this case, I farted nonstop. haha. Nasib baik the non-smelly kind)
So we were at Metro, in the men’s section, where there was only me, mazreen and a saleslady in her 40s maybe. So I was standing behind her, and Mazreen in front of her. I walked backwards a bit, and let out a fart.

Mampos ok, it turned out to be SUPER smelly.

Mazreen made a face at me, and when the woman turned away, he fanned the air in front of him. And then he said let’s go, I can’t find my pants here.

Then when we were in another section, he asked, “You tak bau ke???”

I acted innocent – “Bau apa?” Pretended to sniff around.

“Hm takperla. Kat sana tadi. I think the nyonya farted.”

“Eh really?? Buruk seh, serve customers, sempat kentot lagi!”

So we walked out of Metro, and made our way back to Bossini. I started thinking about the nyonya yang tak bersalah tu, and started giggling. Mazreen took a look at me, and asked why am I giggling.

I said nothing.

He looked at me weirdly, and then he said “I knew it! You yang kentot kan??”

I burst out laughing, hahahah. It was so embarassing lah, for him to know that my farts can be THAT smelly. I was appalled myself, that I had such powers coming out of my asshole. Hahahahaha.

Anyways, at Bossini, Pag and family saw us, and hide behind a shelf.. and then crept up to Mazreen and tapped him real hard. Mazreen so terkejut, so funny. Haha. Talked for a bit with them in Bossini, and then they went off (Pag wanted Mcdonalds milkshake) and we bought those pants, and walked to Mazreen’s bus-stop, I took a cab there, and Mazreen went to the kdkopi to meet his friends.

In the cab home, I called Shamila. She answered with a “Assalamualaikum.”
After hanging up with her, I called Mazreen. He answered with a “Assalamualaikum” too.

When I alighted from the cab, the pakcik so cute, said “Assalamualaikum” too. Hehe.

Ok, another post coming up.  That will be about weddings.  Hehehehe 😀