Ida, good news or bad news?

Bad news..

Ok *laughs* Tmrw I can’t go out with you lah..

Oh. Why?? *pause* You got the job??

Yeah! *laughs somemore*  That’s the good news, hehehe.  Tmrw I start tau Da. Cepat kan!

Oh how we laughed, because it’s so cute, and we are so happy. Alhamdulillah. Although it’s not the job that he really wanted (and I really wanted) this will do, because he will be gaining skills from this job too, and it pays quite well for a person with no experience in that line. Technician.

Best of all, we can go work and go back together – because it’s confirmed that he’s working office hours, 5 days a week – 8.30am til 6pm. Very the good.

And now, he’s celebrating by watching a movie.. alone. His M&S ex-colleagues aren’t at the main M&S office or something, so he can’t meet them. So he is watching Fearless at Cineleisure now – to pass time too, so that he can fetch me later.

Heheh. Cute lah. Alhamdulillah, so cepat dapat kerja that pays quite well too.

Now we can start making plans again??! 😀