Mazreen got another job already, Alhamdulillah.




But he turned it down. He’s not fussy or choosy, really. It’s just that this job is on a one-year contract basis. They did say that after one year, they MIGHT extend. But Mazreen doesn’t want to take the risk – what if after one year they don’t renew the contract? Nanti terkial-kial cari kerja lagi.

Plus, the job that was offered, should come with transport allowance. When Mazreen asked them if he’s getting transport allowance since he’s on contract, they said no. Only permanent staff gets transport allowance. Which is bullshit honestly, because contract staff are doing the same job as the permanent ones. (more so for this job because it requires a lot of moving around)

I really want him to get a job like Abg Aim’s. That job is good because it pays SO SO SO much – basic already Alhamdulillah, and then you add the transport allowance of $1,000… Yep, a thousand dollars…. Boleh pengsan ok, because my transport allowance is only $150! But then, that job is very kecoh – Abg Aim gets called up on weekends, sometimes at 11pm when he’s about to sleep. But who cares kan, when your pay is good, haha. Abg Aim has been really helpful, finding out where got vacancies for the exact same job in other companies – but so far nothing yet.

Insya’Allah soon la.

Now he’s at some interview at… town. And then he’s hanging around there with his former colleagues from M&S, and then he’s fetching me from work.

And tmrw I’m taking halfday – going to follow him looksee motorbikes at wherever.

I just spent $35 on a moisturizer that I think I don’t really need.