Yesterday was a very funky date. 

Met Mazreen at cityhall after work, went to Marina, ate at Cavana (because they were playing BSB’s greatest hits music videos, haha), went to Millenia Walk to walk around, took bus to PS.

Once we reached PS, I think I somehow swung (swinged?) my hand wrongly, and I got a superbad muscle cramp on my right shoulder.  Felt like crying kau.  Told Mazreen, and we sat outside PS while he tried to massage the cramp away.  It didn’t really work – I was cringing in pain and he felt quite bad that he cdn’t do anything I think, so we went to a reflexology centre on the 6th floor, hehe, and they had a back massage, but all their masseue (sp?) were male.  Mazreen didn’t like that, hehehehe, so he told me he’ll try to massage it away again. 

So we sat outside again, he massaged my shoulder through my tudung, while I tried to make myself NOT cry, although mata dah berair, haha.  Then he told me to call my mom – if the car is not used, he’ll not watch the liverpool match.. instead he’ll send me to Changi Village (there’s a malay massage place there)  

So my mom wasn’t using the car, and I got the massage place number from Falee, my cousin – made an appointment at 8.30pm.  We watched the movie, and then rushed home to take the car.  Reached the place at 8.35pm, and while I was being massaged (I was hissing in pain most of the time, hahah), Mazreen got a sports massage on his ankle, which he kindof dislocated last week during soccer. 

Very the kecoh our bodies. 

We had nasi ayam penyet after that, and the drinks stall took such a loooooooooooong time to serve our tehs, so we didn’t have any drinks at all.  Nasib baik got mineral water in the car.  He sent me home after that.

So that is our date yesterday.  Very funky in the sense that it was something we’ve never done before – pergi traditional massage and all, hehe.  It was good though, because today I’m cured!  I can turn left and right – although there’s still a bit of pain, but tahanable.  The same can’t be said for Mazreen, because this morning when he played soccer, his leg problems came back. 

Went for the pameran on Friday night.  I guess I have to be honest here and say that I was quite disappointed – it wasn’t really how I expected the pameran to be.  Anggun Andaman was very the WOW lah their booth, but I was disappointed when I looked through their albums.  RH had very funky makeups.  Maria J’s salesperson was this gay china man, who spoke to me really condescendingly – and I hated that a lot, so I told Mazreen I’m not interested in Maria J at all.  Hehe. 

There was a pelamin that I really liked a lot though – the one in red with the swing??  Did anyone see that??  Hehehehe.  I LOVE THE SWING!  Mazreen said it’s very impractical, esp for pengatin perempuan with kain panjang2, and somemore nak take pictures and all macam tak focus nanti, haha. 

I know my wedding is still quite far away to be planning MINUTE details, but my ustazah told me just now that during her wedding, her MIL invited orphans from Darul Ihsan or something, as guests, and they came in the morning about 10am. 

Way before she told me that, I had the idea of donating food to them actually, on my wedding day – but after she said you can invite them to your bawah-block function, I was so semangatfied!  Hehe.  I’m blogging this not because I want to ya-ya with you all, but because if you haven’t had the thought of doing this, you might want to consider this.  Lebih berkah kan?  🙂

Mazreen turned down the job at PSA for some very complicated reasons.  They guy basically lied – when Mazreen went down on Friday to sign the contract, nasib baik he looked through first.. Turns out that it’s shift work, but they aren’t paying shift allowance!  Tsk tsk.  Mazreen was very disappointed, kesian tau, I was very sad when I heard the story on Friday. 

But Insya’Allah, there’ll be hikmah sebalik nya, hehehe.  (today my malay all sound so cheem one)   

I guess in a way, it’s God’s way of stopping me from going against what my parents want – naik moto sebelum kahwin.  *giggles*

Honestly I wasn’t disappointed – I always believe if something goes wrong job-search-wise, it’s because God was trying to protect you from something, or He wants to give you something better.  I have to have this kindof outlook, because before I got my current job, I was job-searching for NINE months.  So I’m thinking that Mazreen turning down the PSA job will turn out ok Insya’Allah – there’s going to be other jobs, God willing. 

I was just sad when I saw him sad and disappointed on Friday.  He was really semangat to start working, to save money for our wedding and to support his parents at the same time.  That was when I sortof realised, that when you get married, you’ll have to be strong for your partner all the time, and vice versa. 

Ngaji-ing right now, has helped me see a lot of things to look fwd to, and to look for.  Marriage and motherhood, Insya’Allah.  Ustazah Fizah promised to teach me a few doas that is useful in marital life, like how to sejukkan hati suami, hehehe.  And what to look for in a husband, and how to correct my fiance if there’s something that isn’t right (“ada cara-caranya!  Bukan sembarang cara yang boleh tau Shida sayang..”) 

I’m excited, really.  Mazreen’s a great guy, and I pray so so much that it’s going to work out beautifully between us.  Insya’Allah.