I already booked tickets for Brokeback Mountain on saturday at PS. Sungguh tak sabar to see the movie – I read so many good reviews! I wanted to watch it at Cineleisure actually, but most of the good seats were already taken up (why pay booking fee when you can’t get good seats right?) So I took a look at PS, and we managed to get middle seats, quite good la.

Maj’s friend invited us to his wedding dinner at Chevron on 18th March. Suddenly March seems filled with weddings – 4th is Yan&Lina, 5th is Nadiah.. and 18th. Ok lah, baru 3 weddings, but still macam banyak like that, hahaha.

Eh, it makes me feel so minah kawin-kawin. Especially after talking to Suzie this morning about the pameran at Expo (it’s on now!) and looking at her friend’s wedding pix.


I keep thinking there’s still a lot of time for me, despite reminders from people that (insert duration) is not that long. So I alternate between relaxing and thinking “alah masih banyak time la, no worries baby!” and panicking macam budak gila. Hahaha. And then I also alternate between wanting my wedding to be SUPER spectacular, and not wanting to make that much of an effort and just keeping it simple.

It’s so confusing, really.

So anyways, back to Maj’s friend’s wedding. Out of all the kedaikopi people, only Maj and Salleh are invited, for some reason that I don’t really like. Tsk. But a wedding is a wedding is a wedding, so we are going 🙂

Mazreen’s fetching me from work today! I sortof bugged him to send me to work too, but he doesn’t know the way from Tg Pagar to Khatib. He’ll be at camp to get his IC and stuff, and then go home fetch his dad go for prayers, and then he’s going to Tuas to get his workstuff (!!), and then he’s sending Helmi from one place to another, and then he’s fetching me, and then we going for dinner and then to the Expo! Insya’Allah.