I am suffering because I am so super hungry. The simple solution to that is of course to go downstairs and get food.. but I had already asked my colleague to get me chicken rice from Amoy – and I think she’ll be back only about 1plus.. mampos la macam gini.

Anyhoos, manymanymany things to blog today. But because I love wordpress so much for having categories, I will be doing 2 posts today, since one of the posts is about one whole long serious topic which I want to categorise under mazda.. haha.

Erm. Now I dont really know what to blog about in this post, haha.

Ok, last night’s activities. We followed Kak Lin to AMK to send her car for repair – it’s just dented after a small accident with a lorry. Mazreen drove, while Kak Lin drove her car following us since she doesn’t really know the way to AMK. After meeting the ahpek owner of the kedai, we drove Kak Lin home in our car.

Then I and Maj went to Changi Village, and shared mee goreng, nasi ayam goreng, nasi lemak, coke and green tea between the 2 of us. We were super hungry la, hehe. I wanted ice-cream after that but he was full already, so we stopped and went back. It was quite embarassing when at the end of the meal, I was finishing up the nasi lemak because he was full already (we ate the mee goreng and nasi ayam goreng first, and then realised we still are hungry, so we bought a plate of nasi lemak and shared. I started on the nasi lemak first, then he ate, then he cdn’t finish it, so I continued) and he was looking at me eat, and I told him to look away because I felt very gluttony, hahaha. And then he said “tak la, tengok you makan, macam selera”

Hahahahaha. I always say that to fat kids tau, when I look at them eat.

He sent me home although I sortof promised to send him back already, because I needed to pee super badly.
This Mazreen so merepek ok. He got gay excuses for the wrong things he does during driving. Like on Monday night – he was adjusting the side mirror using those buttons underneath the steering wheel… and while doing so, somehow the car swerved sharply a bit. So I told him to drive properly la.

His reply? “Da, my hands not strong tau. When I hold onto something for a very long time, I tend to lose control or lose my grip on them..” Super serious face.

I gave him a “I know you’re bullshitting me” look, and said that the reason why the car swerved was because he was adjusting the mirror.

He grinned and agreed. Hehehe. So pandai buat excuses.