I’m at home now.  Hehe.  I took wholeday off from work, since I don’t have any vsls (again!) to clear.  Turns out that Mazreen also dapat balik cepat from camp, but he’s sleepy and such, so we are only meeting tonight… to send his sister’s car to the workshop (kena langgar lorry!)

Anyway.  It’s very fascinating how fast you all found me!  I received emails from people asking why I moved to wordpress and such… and saying that they already found my new blog… hehehe.. sungguh fascinating! 

For your info, I moved to wordpress because I love the password protection, and that you can create categories.  I found out that it’s free only after I saw Ridj’s site… and after playing around with wordpress, I was veryveryvery tempted to get a webhost whatnonsense and all, but sadly mazda.com is already taken. 

Tmrw’s the start of the pameran pengantin at Expo, but we are going on Friday night (unless I manage to change his mind, then we’ll go tmrw too! Haha)  

We were talking about kursus rumahtangga stuff yesterday, and apparently his mom already told him to take the kursus soon – so funky!  My parents haven’t mention anything about kursus – they are more into housing stuff, haha.  I was planning to take the kursus in August or Sept maybe, so that when we get married, the kursus still fresh in our minds sort of thing.. hahaha. 

Ok I’m still familiarising myself with wordpress.  It doesn’t feel as comfy as blogging on blogger, but someday soon hopefully it’ll be so. 

Hm, for all those who have found me here, hello! welcome!  Don’t you just love that house on truck pic I put up on shids.blogspot??  Hehehe 😀