I was on the verge of taking leave today, because I was so so soooo sleepy. After I bathed, I sat on my bed and sms-ed Mazreen, telling him I’m so tired and mengharap for some sympathy, hoping that he will tell me that I don’t have to work today.

His reply – “Eh why nowadays you so lazy ah?”


So I’m in the office today. I have nothing to do at all, no vsls today to clear, so what have I done so far? I read a million blogs, I changed Aisyah’s blogskin, I read Today. Hehe. I hope management or HR doesn’t ever stumble onto this blog =D

Btw btw btw. Does everybody know that this week is the last week of Mazreen’s life as an NSboy? This friday will be his ORD date. So fast ah dah habis. Our r/s actually survived the whole NS experience, hahaha. That might sound gay, but haven’t you heard the saying that those couples who can survive NS times, can survive many other things? Entah betul tak betul lah..

Anyway, I have to be on my best best best behaviour this week because he promised me that if I’m good to him (like, no tantrums, no mood swings, no stupid behaviour basically) he’ll fetch me from work on Friday! Ok, no, that doesn’t really have an impact since he usually fetches me anyway. It’s just that this friday is extra special because he’ll be using his sister’s car the whole day, so he said he’ll fetch me from work dengan kereta sekali, which has never happened before!

Ok la a bit gay. Who cares, heheh.

Last night he asked me out. We had an argument on Sunday night about how he doesn’t ask me out anymore.. so yesterday he moto-ed over to my house, and then he drove us to Jalan Kayu. Had prata and tea and horlicks. He caused a traffic jam when we were going back, hahah. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again – I love it when he drives! I will sit singing away and enjoying the scenery while he does the maneurving (sp?) of the car, it’s so fun! Haha =D

Bi/j/al and Kak Ana and Za/h/ra came over to our house last night. Za/h/ra is getting SO cute I tell you. When she sits, I feel like squeezing her with my fingers like a marshmallow. Haha.

Sunday, I had ngaji in the afternoon (brought fwd) so I and Maj couldn’t go donate blood at Tampines West CC like we had planned to for the past few weeks. The last time I tried to donate, I was turned away because of low blood or something. Sekarang dah semangat, tapi still project tergendala because of ngaji pulak.

After ngaji, went to play bowling with Pag and family at SPANS – they fetched Maj, while we drove there. Mazreen stopped halfway because he had hurt his ankle on Sunday morning playing soccer. After 3 rounds of bowling, we went to Beach Road – I and Maj shared 2 plates of mutton chop and a plate of mee goreng btwn us. Went back after that.

Saturday – buffet dinner at Puteri Pacific (it’s no longer under Pan Pacific hotels apparently) Pag & family + my grandmom + Wak came with, and we had a nice time eating and all. Went to a carwash after that, sungguh worth it ok. JB should use their carwashes as a tourism tool, haha. For RM10, they cleaned the outside AND the inside too. That’s like, 5 sing dollars tau. We took a lot of pictures on Saturday night, but I’ve not uploaded it yet.

Hm. Nothing else to blog about. I want to go home and sleep.